Included games

Which games are included with my order?

In the Valve Index Premium and Deluxe Kits we deliver a part of the following games with*:

Half-Life: Alyx | FPS, Horror

Half-Life: Alyx Header

Steam product pageCHF 57.50 (included free of charge in the Premium and Deluxe kits)

Valve returns to Half-Life with its new VR game Half-Life: Alyx. Set between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2, the story is about an impossible battle against alien conquerors - the Combine.

This is the only game that is included with all three kits and is not one of the additional games.

Arizona Sunshine | Zombies, Action, Multiplayer

Arizona Sunshine Header

Steam product pageCHF 38.00 (included free of charge in the Premium and Deluxe kits)

Virtual reality meets zombie apocalypse! Arizona Sonnenschein is the first first first-person shooter developed exclusively for VR that takes you to the zombie-overrun post-apocalyptic Southwest of America.
When you hear shreds of a human voice on the radio, hope is awakened - there are survivors in the shimmering heat of post-apocalyptic Grand Canyon State! Armed with little more than your motion-guided weapons, and running low on ammunition and equipment, you set out alone. You'll have to navigate through hordes of zombies who are after your brain in your desperate search for human beings.

The Invisible Hours | Adventure, Mystery

The Invisible Hours Header

Steam product pageCHF 39.90 (included free of charge in the Premium and Deluxe kits)

The Invisible Hours is a complex mystery game developed by Tequila Works. Players can freely explore a web of interwoven stories in a winding mansion.
A group of strangers receives a strange invitation from the mysterious inventor Nikola Tesla, who offers everyone the chance to make amends for their worst misdeeds. When the last guest arrives at the laboratory of Tesla's mansion, Tesla is found murdered. The disgraced Swedish detective Gustaf Gustav swears that he will find out which of the other guests is the murderer: a blind butler, a convicted murderer, the most famous actress in the world, Tesla's former assistant, the son of a rich railroad magnate or his inventor rival Thomas Edison. But in all of them, appearances are deceptive.
The player is invisible and can freely follow and observe all the people in the story - or search for hidden clues in the mansion.

Raw Data | FPS, Sci-Fi, Multiplayer

raw data header

Steam product pageCHF 38.00 (included free of charge in the Premium and Deluxe kits)
Note: This game is not available in English

Designed from the ground up for VR, the action gameplay, intuitive controls, challenging enemies and sci-fi atmosphere will transport you completely into the surreal world of Eden Corp. Alone or with companions, become the adrenaline-fuelled superhero of your own futuristic techno thriller.

Bullet Roulette VR | Casual, Indie

Bullet Roulette VR Header

Steam product pageCHF 6.00 (included free of charge in the Premium and Deluxe kits)
Note: This game is not available in English

"In Bullet Roulette, four people sit at a card table in a clichéd saloon, complete with piano accompaniment, female waitress and bored bartender.
The players always differ slightly from round to round. Sometimes an Indian chief, a sheriff and a fair beauty meet, sometimes a top hat is involved. In each round, the players receive three cards with different symbols in addition to the revolver, which is in the middle of the table. If one of the cards is played, different effects occur. These could be things like turning the drum again, putting a bucket on the head, turning the direction of play, etc.". Steam Review by Moriar

Space Ops VR | Action, Sci-Fi

Space Ops VR Header
Steam product pageCHF 15.50 (included free of charge in the Premium and Deluxe kits)

Space Ops VR is not only a game, but also a real-time training program for special secret agents who feel comfortable in space! Do you dare to be part of this elite team?
You play a freshman who has just enrolled in basic training to become part of a special operations team. The main task of this team is to ensure the safety of a dangerous expedition into deep space. Fight a lone wolf with your friends in co-op mode or improve your skills in PvP battles: Find out who is made for the real battlefield. Test yourself in the harsh environment of off-world deserts, compete with other rookies against aliens and prove to your trainer that you are the strongest!

JetX VR | FPS, Racing

JetX VR Header
Steam product pageCHF 6.00 (included free of charge in the Premium and Deluxe kits)

JetX features arcade racing, epic arena battles and a rich variety of game modes for players to choose from. Race against your friends or take on bots to climb to the top of the online leaderboard.
You can expect crystal caves, off-world landscapes and space debris in a low-polygon aesthetic. Arm yourselves, gather reinforcements and drive to victory!
Our game is an inviting challenge that was originally developed for virtual reality, but is now available for the PC.


It is planned to offer more games, we are currently negotiating with the game developers of several top VR games.

*This offer (the games included with the Valve Index Kits) is only valid until further notice and on a goodwill basis. If the games are out of any If the games are not available for any reason, they cannot be claimed. The value of all these games also exceeds CHF 150, so here is a list of games that are included could.

How do I redeem the games?

The games are basically offered to them as Steam Keys. Depending on the game, these can be delivered to you by email or in a package with your other products. Half-Life: Alyx is automatically added to your library.