Pimax Artisan

CHF 499 CHF 444

  • High resolution of 1700 x 1440 per eye
  • Large field of view of 170
  • Compatible with Valve Index base stations and controllers
  • Shipping from Switzerland

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High field of view at a low price

In addition to the VR headsets of the 5K and 8K classes, Pimax has now launched a new, more affordable headset - the Pimax Artisan.

As with all Pimax headsets, the Artisan also has a very large field of view of 140° horizontal and 170° diagonal. Two 1700×1440 CLPL displays with a refresh rate of up to 120HZ were installed!

Lighthouse Compatible

The Pimax Artisan is also equipped with the Lighthouse System and is therefore compatible with HTC / Valve base stations. You can also use your HTC Vive / Valve Index Controller with it. The headset is connected to the PC via display port 1.4 and USB 3.0. We recommend at least a GTX 1060 for a good VR experience.

Comfortable and modular design

The Artisan surprises with a low weight despite the large display. On the bottom and in PiTool the eye relief can be adjusted. The headset has a comfortable face pad, which makes wearing the headset comfortable even during longer use. In addition, there are two USB-C ports where different modules can be used in the future, such as eye or hand tracking modules.

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