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Virtual worlds do not get along well with real walls.

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Immerse yourself completely.

No matter how immersive your VR headset may be, the walls of your house will always be there. They will always be limited by space - until now.

What if you would move in virtual worlds even virtually?

The WALK C makes it possible. As a kind of 360° treadmill (ODT) you can walk freely without moving from the spot. With the WALK C you are strapped in and stand on a low-friction shell. This allows you to move freely as your feet slide on the shell while you are safely in the middle of the catwalk.

Suitable for almost everyone and everything.

The WALK C is compatible with almost all common VR headsets. These also include the headsets of Valve, Pimax, HTC, Oculus, Sony (PSVR) and Samsung.

You can also play almost all common VR games, such as Pavlov, No Man's Sky, Fallout 4 VR and Skyrim VR.

Lose weight without doing "sports".

Using the WALK C is not particularly strenuous in itself, but you move anyway!

So every VR session becomes a kind of jogging session as well!

Limitless VR, now also in small rooms.

Until now, the enormous space requirements of VR were a point that made VR impossible for many people. But with the Kat Walk Mini this problem is now solved.

You only need a fraction of the playing surface, but now you have an infinitely times larger playing surface!

Your headset and controllers will also be very grateful to you, because they will never collide with a wall or desk again! 

Now even more compact and cheaper.

The WALK C is the successor of the Kat Walk Mini. The WALK C is now much lighter, cheaper and space-saving!

How about trying it out first?

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